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Halswell scout group, the second largest in New Zealand, is proudly located on the outskirt suburb of Halswell in Christchurch, New Zealand. Halswell scouts was formed in 1955 and current offers scouting experiences and knowledge for both boys and girls aged 6 to 25.

Scouting is divided into five different sections to cater for specific age groups more closely. Each section has a different programme and is often run on multiple nights. Halswell scouts endeavours to have a group camp once a year, where the entire group camps away for a weekend, providing the opportunity for different sections to mix.

Halswell scouts has the privilege of owning their own kitchen trailer, a trailer that can provide the benefits of a kitchen no matter the location. We offer the benefits of our kitchen trailer to all our youth, as well the local and wider community.

The scout den is also available for hire for groups and events.