Adult Helpers

At Halswell we love it when our parents get involved as Adult Helpers!

An invaluable component of our operational ability, our Adult Helpers are an essential part of many of our activities helping to provide transport to all sorts of events, while also participating in camps and more adventurous outdoor activities, allowing us to safely run our program in a fun and exciting way

This role is ideal for those parents/adult helpers who are only able (or willing) to contribute ocassionally to our activities, rather than committing to a regular weekly slot.

Please note that there are a few steps to signing up as an Adult Helper. This is because of our desire to keep our Youth Members safe from harm. Generally we like you to talk to a senior member of the group first, about your interest. Additionally, Scouts Aotearoa may require references from you, and you will also need to undergo a New Zealand Police Service vetting/background check.

To find out more, and how you can help us, please contact us, and when you’re ready, click on the button below:

Here’s a link to a wee help video to step you through the Adult Helper sign up process

WARNING!: Signing up as an Adult Helper can lead to a lifetime as a leader!