Our leadership structure is headed up by our Group Leader (GL), with three Assistant Group Leaders (AGL), with one for each section level; Keas (x2), Cubs (x3), Scouts (x3). The Venturer section comes directly under the Group Leader. Each individual section then has a team of two to three leaders with one acting as the primary Section Contact for purposes of parent liaison and communication.

Becoming a scouting leader can be one of the most rewarding things in you’ll ever do in your life. Many parents choose to join as a leader to spend both time with their children and watch them grow; being a leader is just as exciting without kids too.

Halswell has an exciting group of leaders with diverse skills. As long as you are aged 18 or over you can be a leader, and we are always looking for good parent (adult) helpers, and prospective leaders.

At Halswell you can join as a leader of any age group with no experience, as all necessary training will be given. Please contact us if you are at all interested. You would be more than welcome.

Please contact us in the first instance to register your interest.


Please note that there are a few steps to signing up as a new Leader. This is because of our desire to keep our Youth Members safe from harm. Generally we like you to talk to a senior member of the group first, about your interest. Additionally, Scouts Aotearoa may require references from you, and you will also need to undergo a New Zealand Police Service vetting/background check.

When you’re ready though, click on the button below: