Fertiliser Fundraiser

Our 2023 Fertiliser Drive is finished/closed and we are not taking any further orders or enquiries until July/August 2024.

Please feel free to check back with this page, or your letterbox, from July 2024 as we prepare for our 2024 Fertiliser Drive. Please note that the displayed products and prices are from 2023, and subject to change for 2024, so should be read as a guide only. Any indicated dates are subject to confirmation.

As part of our annual Fund Raising activities in support of our youth going to camps, training courses, and other events, such as the triennial national Scout Jamboree, we host a fertiliser drive each year in August covering most of the South-West corner of Christchurch, and this year will be no exception

This is our single biggest fundraising activity of the year.

In return for the youth members of our scout group participating in the fertiliser drive, we apportion them a percentage of the profits towards their scouting activities

The area we cover is shown on the map below, bounded by the red outline. It covers the suburbs from Prebbleton to Hornby to Wigram to Hillmorton to Spreydon to Barrington to Cracroft to Westmorland to Halswell.

We offer free delivery to those suburbs within the outlined target area.
Planned Delivery Dates for 2024:Products being delivered:
August 2024: Dates to be confirmedTrailer loads of mushroom compost
August/September 2024: Dates to be confirmedExtra trailer loads of mushroom compost
+ any bagged items on the same
September 2024: Dates to be confirmedAll remaining bagged items

Bagged Fertiliser Products:

ProductSize (bag)Unit Price
Organic Vermicast
Nutrient rich organic soil conditioner. Made up of
worm castings and decomposed organic matter. It is
a natural alternative to chemical or artificial
20 Ltr$15
Garden Fertiliser
Containing Ammonium Sulphate (N),
Super-phospahte (P) and Potassium Chloride (K). It
is suitable for all types of garden, shrubbery, flowers
and vegetables.
10 kg$25
Lawn Fertiliser
Containing Ammonium Sulphate(N),
Super-phosphate(P) and trace of Iron Sulphate.
10 kg$25
This is for sweetening the soil, adjust the acidity of the soil
to help release all nutrients from the soil to be available to the plant.
5 kg$8
Blood & Bone
A natural product suitable for use anywhere in
the garden
5 kg$25
Rhodo / Acid Fertiliser
This fertiliser is suitable
for use on Azaleas, Camellias and of course Rhododendrons.
5 kg$15
Citrus Fertiliser
Provides a balanced feed of essential
nutrients to match the demand of citrus plants.
5 kg$20
Rose Fertiliser
This rose food has been developed to promote
flowering and rich green foliage.
5 kg$15
Mila Complex
Similar to previously sold ‘Nitrophoska Blue’.
This is a compound fertiliser suitable for the home garden.
2 kg$15
Potting Mix (Tui)
All purpose potting mix for indoor and outdoor home use
40 Ltr$16
Mushroom Compost
The mushroom compost is ideal as a
weed repellent and moisture retainer.
50 Ltr$11

Trailer Loads of Mushroom Compost (Delivered within our target area):

ProductTrailer SizeUnit Price
0.5m3 Trailer (Delivered)approx 6′ x 4′ trailer$35
1m3 Trailer (Delivered)larger trailer$55
  • These will be delivered on dates still to be confirmed in August or September 2024.
  • When ordering you can specify your preferred delivery date and we will do our best to accommodate your request. For those ordering bagged items as well as trailer loads of mushroom compost we try to do those deliveries on the second of our 3 delivery weekends (usually the first Saturday in September) as that is when we will have the bagged items available.
  • If we deliver your trailer load on earlier than that, we will need to return on one of the other dates in September to deliver the bagged items.

Trailer Loads of Mushroom Compost (Customer to collect from Prebbleton Base):

ProductTrailer SizeUnit Price
0.5m3 Trailer (Pick up)approx 6′ x 4′ trailer$25
1m3 Trailer (Pick up)larger trailer$40

Seed Products:

ProductSize (bag)Unit Price
Certified Lawn Seed
General lawn seed mix containing rye, fescue and
1 kg$15

Catering Roll Products:

ProductSize (roll)Unit Price
Cling Wrap in dispenser600M x 330mm$35
90m Supafoil (wide)90M x 440mm$25
150m Supafoil (standard width)150M x 300mm$28